Best Hunter Douglas Window Blinds for Spring & Summer Sunlight Control
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Best Hunter Douglas Window Blinds for Spring & Summer

white sheer curtains

Best Hunter Douglas Window Blinds for Spring & Summer

Shopping online for the best Hunter Douglas blinds this spring and summer? Hunter Douglas blinds have amazing light control so you can make the most of the sunlight and longer days ahead. Hunter Douglas manufactures the best blinds and window shades with light-diffusing capabilities. Just because you want to filter natural sunlight perfectly into any room doesn’t mean you have to compromise on privacy. 

Silhouette® Window Shadings Originale™ Fabric
Silhouette® Window Shadings Originale™ Fabric

Create the perfect light in your home for less during the Hunter Douglas Celebration of Light Savings Event. The best Douglas window blinds, shadings and sheers are on sale at Gemini Blinds ‘til 6/24/19. 

Hunter Douglas Blinds On Sale

  • Receive a $100 Rebate when you buy 1 Luminette® Privacy Sheer PLUS an additional $100 each additional unit
  • $100 Rebate when you buy 2 Silhouette® Window Shadings PLUS $50 each additional unit
  • $100 Rebate when you buy 2 Pirouette® Window Shadings PLUS $50 each additional

Window Shades With Year Round UV Protection

Luminette® Privacy Sheers are similar to soft sheer draperies or curtains. Transform harsh sunlight by tilting the vanes of the vertical blind slightly. Reflect solar heat in the warmer months and protect fine furnishings from prematurely fading. We all know the sun can stream into our homes and fade flooring and furniture. Some of the best Hunter Douglas blinds and shades offer UV protection year-round. 

Consider the elegant look of Luminette® Privacy Sheers if you want to maintain a view to the outside. Enjoy daytime sunlight through beautiful sheers or privacy at night by selecting room darkening or blackout liners. Room darkening shades or liners are great for spaces where you want to create the perfect atmosphere. For example, watching movies or enjoying a candlelit dinner. Some of the best Hunter Douglas window shades have blackout and room darkening options for media rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and guest bedrooms. 

Coordinate Horizontal & Vertical Custom Shades

Best Hunter Douglas blinds and shades
Horizontal Silhouette® Window Shadings & Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Luminette® Privacy Sheers are known for superior view through on sliding glass doors and large windows. Luminette® Privacy Sheers can be combined with the sophisticated look of horizontal window shades such as Silhouette® Window Shadings and Pirouette® Window Shadings.

Hunter Douglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers can stack left, right or in the middle of any window so you can create the view you want. The fabrics of vertical Luminette® Privacy Sheers and horizontal Silhouette® Window Shadings coordinate together to make a beautiful design statement in any room.

Best Hunter Douglas window blinds
Hunter Douglas Whole House Solutions

Silhouette Window Shadings are one of the best Hunter Douglas window shades. This window shade has been gracing homes for almost 30 years just like Gemini Blinds. Silhouette® Window Shadings share some of the same benefits of Luminette® Privacy Sheers like amazing view throughs and UV protection. Most Hunter Douglas blinds and shades are available cordless today for child and pet safety. Automate your window shades with PowerView® Motorization or SoftTouch®.

Automated window shades and blinds are the easiest to operate. Control your window treatments with a simple voice command on home speaker devices. Ask Alexa, Google or Siri to do all the heavy lifting for you. Ask about the latest automated blinds with SoftTouch® Motorization. SoftTouch® Motorization is a battery-operated wand control system. Just tap up on the wand or down to raise and lower your custom shades. 

Best Hunter Douglas Window Blinds Fabrics & Colors

Pirouette® Window Shadings Satin Fabric

The best Hunter Douglas window treatments would not be complete without mentioning Pirouette® Window Shadings. Pirouette® Window Shadings have contoured fabric vanes available in satin and metallic colors. If you prefer a contemporary or modern look on your windows, Pirouette® custom shades may be the solution. 

Ask about Whole House Solutions™ where you can combine Luminette® with Pirouette® and Silhouette® to create a consistent look on vertical and horizontal window applications. You can choose the same sheer facing fabrics, color names and numbers to ensure a matching window treatment look on all of your windows. 

Save of some of the best Hunter Douglas blinds at Gemini Blinds ‘til 6/24/19. Call 914-698-8011 to schedule a Free window treatment design consultation. 

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